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Terms and Conditions

Registration information must be completed prior to the child’s first session. Children cannot
attend the session if this information is not provided in full.


Hey Kids Clubs are committed to ensuring protection of all personal information that we hold,
and to provide and to protect all such data. We recognise our obligations in updating and
expanding this program to meet the requirements of GDPR. Hey Kids will not share any data
provided with any other organisation.

Payment and Cancellation

Regular Sessions
Sessions are booked on a half termly basis. Once a session is booked and confirmed the
place will be secured until the end of the half term. This is a fixed term contract and places
can be terminated at the end of each half term. Payment must be made in advance of the
start of the half term and children will only be permitted to the club if payment is made in full.
Refunds will not be given for cancellation of a place during the contract period.

Ad hoc Sessions
We aim to have a small number of ad hoc sessions and they will available subject to
numbers and ratios. Ad hoc places must be booked and paid for 24 hours in advance. No
refund will be given once the session is booked.

Late Collection
Children must be collected by 6pm when the club closes. Should a parent be late to collect
their child a late fee will be charged. Up to 6.15pm £5 will be charged. For every minute late
after 6.15pm £1 will be charged. A separate late fee invoice will be sent to the parent via
email and will need to be paid within 2 weeks of receiving the late notice charge.

A copy of Hey Kids insurance policy can be given on request.

Hey Kids currently operates on a term time basis and is closed during school holidays,
certain religious holidays and bank holidays. Parents are not charged for these days.
Should Hey Kids have to close due to the premises it rents then no refund will be given.
Should Hey Kids have to close due to weather conditions then no refund will be given.
The only time a refund may be given is for extreme unforeseen circumstances and will be 
dealt with on a case by case basis. Any refund given will be at the discretion of Hey Kids Clubs.

Every reasonable effort will be made by the staff to ensure a child’s belongings are not lost
or damaged. However, please refrain from bringing in personal property as Hey Kids cannot
be held responsible for loss or damage of any items. No jewellery should be worn unless
compulsory for religious beliefs or any similar reasons.


Hey Kids reserve the right to administer basic first aid and treatment when necessary.
Parents/guardians will be informed of all accidents and required to sign our accident record
forms. If we are unable to contact the Parent/guardian, Hey Kids is hereby authorised to act
on their behalf and administer necessary treatment, as agreed in the registration form.
Every effort will be made to contact parents/guardians before we act on the above

Parents/guardians MUST inform Hey Kids immediately of any changes to contact details or
health status supplied to the club.  Parents must inform Hey Kids of any dietary requirements
of their child/ren in writing.

It is the policy of Hey Kids not to administer any medication, unless prescribed by a doctor
and full instructions given as stated in our administration of medication policy. (See policy)
Parents are requested to inform the club if there is any childhood ailment or illness. No child
can be accepted to kids in charge with Diarrhoea, vomiting or any other infectious illness. 48
hours must have elapsed after the diarrhoea or vomiting has stopped before the child can be
readmitted to the breakfast or after school club or holiday play scheme.  Parents will need to
produce a GP note or produce a letter stating when the last bout of sickness occurred.

Allergies, Asthma, Medical conditions
Parents/guardians must inform the club immediately if their child has/develops an allergy,
asthma or a medical condition and to provide the club with full information regarding the
condition and treatment. An emergency medicines form must be completed and training
must be given.

Safeguarding and Security
All staff have a ‘duty of care’ towards children.

Children may only leave the club with authorised adults as written during the registration
process. Any changes to child collection must be in written in an email and a description and
personal details of the person must be supplied.

If a child discloses information that is of concern regarding a child’s health or wellbeing Hey
Kids is required by law to investigate and report this to social services, school or any other
service that is responsible for safeguarding children, Parents have a right to be informed
about any such process with the limits of legislation and government guidelines.  Please see
our safe guarding policy for more details.

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